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Embroidery Samples

Here at KVPRINT Embroidery we offer you state of the art digitizing. This is the process to make your logo into an embroidery file. This process is a necessity and starts at just $25. Jacket backs start at $75. Once this setup has been completed we can embroider your logo on your choice of items. 

 Working with a basic design, we can make a clean version for embroidery. The more detailed logos can still be used although some need to be simplified for the best embroidery (see #2 pic on left side). We offer flat or 3D Puff embroidery (see #1 pic on left side). 3D Puff is only availabe for hats and is additional. Some small detail can only be embroidered at a larger, jacket back size (see #3 pic on left side).


Cost of Embroidery

We base the cost of embroidery on stitch count. It's hard to give an exact quote until we have your logo in stitch format, but we can guestimate. For a guestimate, please email quotes@kvprint.com.

Please include your name, company, phone number, logo placement and quantity you plan on embroidering in the first run. We'll get a quote back to you as soon as possible.


Personalizing with Vinyl

You can also use Vinyl to personalize your items. This option is good for hard to embroider places. The full description and color options are available here.







Logo Placement Templates

Typical logo placements are a left chest for the logo and right chest size for a name.

Polos and Dress Shirts usally have a logo on left chest. A name would be located on a left chest. Optional places would be a monogram on a cuff or a shoulder placement. Also, the upper back neck, just below the collar is a very popular option.

Hats typically utilizes a centered front. More popular today is a left or right front panel embroidery. We also offer back or right side embroidery on a hat. 

Jackets would use a left/right chest. A full back and/or upper center neck (same size as left chest)

Each size will require a separate setup. Embroidery cannot be enlarged or reduced more than 25% and this will not always work for a hat.